Philosophy and Motto

School Philosophy

"Education is Love."
This is the motto and educational philosophy we have committed ourselves to and handed down through the decades. These simple words express the educational spirit of Torataro Tsuru, the spiritual founder of Tsuru Gakuen, who loved his students dearly and taught them on the basis of love. Torataro Tsuru considered love to be the essence of education, and we have embraced this philosophy as our constant guiding principle. We pursue all our educational challenges trying to remain true to this philosophy.

School Motto

"Always Walk Together with God and Serve Humanity"
The fundamental aim of Tsuru Gakuen schools is to cultivate students who enjoy physical and mental health, exercise self-restraint, and 'always walk together with God and serve humanity'. To this end, students devote themselves to their studies for the purpose of developing self-control and mature, well-rounded personalities. With many difficult problems surrounding schools these days, the true value of education is being seriously examined. Yet, in the face of all this turmoil, we remain steadfastly committed to our school philosophy and continue to approach education with the desire to contribute to society.