Hiroshima Nagisa Junior High School

We Cultivate 'Sound Academic Ability' and 'International Consciousness and Creativity', Required in 21st Century

Based on our educational mottos of 'sound academic ability' and 'international consciousness and creativity', we have developed original curricula that value the individual qualities of each student. Compared to public junior high schools, not only does our school offer more hours of Japanese, mathematics and English classes, it also sets higher academic standards. In particular, our English classes are designed to meet the needs of Japan's internationalization, through oral communication classes with native speaker instructors. We also emphasize a humanist approach to education that private schools can best provide and offer such subjects as People, Reading Books and Creative Internationalism.

Cultivating Individuality and Fostering a Rich Humanity through Original Subjects

Our curricula include a unique subject entitled 'People', where students study various topics including debating and role playing. Also, we offer 'Book Reading', an innovative class we developed so that students can learn about public morals. 'Creative Internationalism' is designed to foster both individual creativity and international consciousness, through such activities as exchanging e-mail with people around the world and trying to understand nature through the study of topics that appeal to and sharpen our physical senses.

'People' -Developing One's Capability through Self-activation and Independence

Extended homeroom hours are used to study topics designed to foster rich humanity. Study topics range from 'debating' to 'role-playing' and to 'NIE (newspapers in education)'. Each student searches for the direction he wants his life to go forward, and thus acquires personal strength that allows him to be a leader in the future.

Creative Internationalism - Fostering Creativity and International Consciousness

The subject consists of three areas of study -'forest', in which students develop their five senses; 'computer', in which students exchange internet e-mail with people around the world; 'cooking', in which students prepare dishes of various countries while learning about environmental problems. By studying a wide variety of topics, students expand their outlook and develop creativity and international consciousness.

Nagisa English Program - Living English

6hours instruction each week conducted by native speakers. Using Primarily real English in actual communication, emphasis on understanding and producing English. "English education in English" is the Nagisa method.

Exchange Program - Experience in Global Society

An exchange program is conducted between our school and Pasadena Junior High School in New Zealand. Every year, around twenty students of the visiting school study for about two weeks at the host school, while staying with host families. Students experience communicating and living in a different culture, thus broadening their outlook and expanding awareness.