Hiroshima Nagisa Senior High School

With Intellect and Imagination, Students Shape their Future

As we have entered the 21st century, many aspects of our society -information, environment, medical care- are undergoing dramatic changes that are affecting people profoundly. In line with our aim of providing all our students with the ability to read the changes ahead, Hiroshima Nagisa Senior High School support our students' basic desire to study based on our educational principles of solid academic skills, global consciousness and individual creativity. Our educational programs are shaped around original programs that aim to foster a strong sense of curiosity and an inquiring spirit among students. They are also designed to help students acquire a global perspective, international awareness and the intellectual ability to develop and express their ideas freely and clearly. In this way, students are encouraged to grow and develop their limitless individual potential.

Fostering a Rich Humanity through Original Curricula

Implementation of original curricula can best be realized at private schools, and ours comprise 'People', 'International I', 'International II', 'Science I' and 'Science II'. In 'People', students take up various activities including debating and role playing. 'International I' and 'International II' are offered so that students can extend their study to world problems as well as to second foreign languages. 'Science I' and 'Science II' are designed to delve deeply into the fields of mathematics and science.


Learning How to Live, Approached through Various Topics

The central topics of 'how to live' is approached in two ways, through subjects of 'citizenship in global society' and 'life course'. In the former, a variety of global-scale topics including human rights, peace, the North-South problem, gender, and multicultural coexistence are studied, and the students' ability to search out solutions for these problems is cultivated. In 'life course', each student addresses the question of how to live his life by understanding the preciousness of lives, and by discovering the joys of living, learning and working. Also noteworthy is our practice of new styles of learning, namely, learning through participation and experience, designed to develop self-direction and independence.

International I and II

Fostering Ability to Think and Act on a Global Scale

The central themes of the subjects 'International I' are the recognition of the relations of interdependence among all nations and people, and the understanding and respect for Japanese as well as other cultures. Based on these basic themes, our purpose is to foster students who study and think about global problems and actively make an effort toward the solution of these problems. Along with the effective use of audio-visual facilities, special programs are implemented by inviting guest speakers and providing opportunities to experience different cultures (their cooking, clothing and music). In 'International II', with its study focus on Asia, students learn greetings of various countries, everyday Chinese, Chinese geography, economy, and Sino- Japanese relation. The type of study results in students feeling closer to the world and deepening their international awareness.

Original and Diverse Educational Programs that Private Institution Can Provide

As our curriculum offers them a range of study choices, students at Hiroshima Nagisa Senior High School can focus their studies according to their personal interests and their career plans. In the first year, all students develop basic academic skills, while in the second year students choose to branch either into a humanities course or a sciences course. For their third year, the curriculum allows students to study elective subjects according to their future plans and interests. This ensures students efficiently prepare for their college entrance examinations.
Also, to ensure that students develop the particular academic skills required to pass entrance examinations, we constantly improve our own syllabus (study program). As a result, year after year our students have enjoyed outstanding rates of success at university entrance exams.