H.I.T. Polytechnic

Fostering Highly Skilled Professionals who Can Contribute to Industrial Development

Our school, located on the Heiwa Odori Street (Peace Boulevard), one of the landmarks of Hiroshima, was established in 1984. Through enrichment of "practical education" that provides the specialized knowledge and technology in each given profession and "human education" that produces members of a society who possess high morals and thinking, and by providing practical education involving internships we aim to foster highly skilled professionals who can work effectively in industry upon their graduation.

A polytechnic setting its sights on advanced qualifications.

Nationally, one of a small number of polytechnics that valued craftsmanship as an integral part of the industrial sphere, H.I.T. polytechnic, since its establishment, has produced outstanding personal for regional companies. Due to small class numbers and plenty of practical activities, students are able to refine their skills. Emphasis is also placed on acquiring the public and advanced qualifications necessary to gain employment. In addition, bussiness etiquette and communication skills are taught, and by means of a Life Skills Course students learn skills of practical use in their lives. By valuing each individual student and providing personally tailored employment services and career guidance, H.I.T. polytechnic every year achieves impressive employment rates for its students.

In co-operation with Singapore Polytechnic the school and Hong Bang University International offers an overseas study program.

Every year we conduct exchange programs and activities for both students and teaching staff of Singapore Polytechnic and Hong Bang University International. In view of this age of globalization, the program is designed to promote international understanding, communication skills, presentations skills and language proficiency. in addition, an overseas internship program giving experience in Japanese industry and a six-month exchange program are offered in Singapore.

Architectural Course (Two-year Course & One-year Course)

Architectural space of superior design emphasizes the natural environment, protects people and property from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and provides people with a comfortable lifestyle. This Course sends out students of practical ability with qualifications as second Class Architect, Interior Coordinators, and Architectural Construction Management Engineer.

Information and Communication Technology Course (Three-year Course)

Training personal with the IT skills necessary in our high-level information society: System Design; Network Construction; Database Administration; even creating WEB System design proposals. Students will also be trained in the programming language "Ruby", developed in Japan, utilized in cloud computing and smartphones.

Information Science Course (Two-year Course)

IT supporting a rich lifestyle. With its expanding utility in a variety of fields comes the demand for IT technicians who can make the best use of evolving information technology. This department aims to train personnel who can utilize computer technology effectively in a wide range of industries and workplaces. After acquiring basic knowledge and computer skills, students specialize and gain practical ability in a choice from 3 courses: Systems, Business, and Design. Students also aim to acquire official national and business qualifications such as "IT Passport" and "Basic Information Technology Engineers Examination".

Surveying Civil Engineering and Environment Course (Two-year Course)

Urban Planing & Environmental Design Course Provides training for technicians in the fields of public Works, Plumbing and Landscape Gardening. Improves practical ability in the currently important areas of Surveying, CAD and Biotope. Students can gain o・cial qualifications in Public Works, Plumbing and Landscape Gardening.

Electrical Engineering Course (Two-year Course)

In order to meet the current society's increasing demand for electricity, our goal is to foster competent and knowledgeable electricians. Students will graduate from the course as qualified the Second Class Electric Work Specialists. With additional two years of practical experience after graduation, graduates acquire Second Class Electrical Chief Engineers certificate without having to sit for the National Examination.

Mechanical Engineering Course (Two-year Course)

The foundation of engineering has always been the fabrication or "making of things". We aim to foster graduates who, by being heirs to Japan's excellent manufacturing technology in mechanical engineering, command advanced technology and skills that allow them to competently deal with the practical aspects of manufacturing high-quality and value-added products and to take them on to the next generation.

Audio-Visual Media Course (Two-year Course)

Training staff and technicians possessing specialized knowledge and skills, able to work on the spot and ready to meet the needs of the business world in the areas of Broadcasting, Audio, Lighting, and Event Planing. Using equipment and materials of professional themselves. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience and practical skills using advanced study methods, putting on actual concerts, creating radio programs, and participating in exhibitions, show and contests, allowing them to showcase talents acquired through their studies.