H.I.T. Senior High School

Aiming to Offer a Rich Well-rounded Education to Foster the Whole Person

Students here lead a lively school life in an inspiring environment. The sports field and campus full of seasonal flowers are amongst the biggest of any school in Hiroshima prefecture.Students study in classrooms from which they can see Miyajima, one of the Three Views in Japan, in the distance. In addition, public transportation access is very convenient. The three purposes of our educational approach are "cultivation of humanity" through involvement in club activities; "cultivation of discipline" for refining personal manners and conduct; and "cultivation of academic ability". Students have a range of courses to choose according to their plans after graduation. In addition, for students wishing to enter university we provide comprehensive supplementary lessons to help them prepare for entrance examinations. Through this approach we are able to meet the expectations of the community. With enthusiasm and energy we are working to foster students who can succeed in the 21st century, based on our commitment to maintaining a balance among the qualities of " knowledge, virtue, and physical strength".

To Foster Every Possibility You Have

Aiming to foster students who have knowledge enough to achieve their goals - To open the door to National Universities.

We have prepared Higher Education Course for students aiming to enter national Universities. This course provides you good circumstances to enhance your abilities. Our education program enables you to foster your abilities for 3years.

Aiming to foster students who have various possibilities - To open the door to HIT.

More than 100students enter HIT from our school every year. We cooperate with HIT to establish HIT Education course, which enables students to feel the atmosphere of HIT through the curriculum. A large variety of courses are waiting to be chosen by you.

Aiming to foster students who can survive in any situations through club activities.

There is an artificial turf football pitch surrounded by an all-weather (urethane) 400meter running track and the great gymnasium. You are welcomed to participate in any club activities. Join us and you can develop your social skills through classes and club activities.


The magnificent sports ground, which contains a baseball ground and an artificial turf soccer pitch surrounded by an all-weather (urethane) 400 metre running track, together with a campus set in natural surroundings, enable students to fully develop their potential both in the classroom and within club activities.

The new gymnasium (Tsuru Gakuen 50th Anniversary Sports Center) contains a Main Arena, Small Arena, Training Room and Club Rooms. By means of moveable stage and spectator seats, the Main Arena can swiftly be transformed into a theatre/concert hall. A variety of events can be staged in this versatile venue.

Encourage Course General Course (Coeducation)

The Encourage Course has 3 guiding principles:-Support students who left school before completing their education. We provide new ways of learning for those students who do not get along with the general education style. We let students take part in the remarkable educational activities and help students overcome problems and develop their abilities by providing them with the opportunity to accomplish social independence.

The Encourage Course includes 2 types of courses with 3 perspectives that emphasize curiosity and interest in study methods while paying close attention to the individual pace of each student.
1 Self-discovery to foster personal growth (homeroom teacher and counselorpresent)
2 Interaction with others to improve social independence. (Nature Experience Program)
3 Experience the satisfaction through self-managing their learning effort.