Building on Half a Century of Devotion to Education and Soaring into the Future.

"Education is love." This is our educational philosophy, adopted from the work of Torataro Tsuru, the spiritual founder of Tsuru Gakuen, who worked tirelessly for the development of private school education in Hiroshima for over 60 years. Noboru Tsuru, Torataro's fourth son, founded Hiroshima Radio-wave Vocational School in 1956 at Nishikaniya-cho in Hiroshima. This was the beginning of Tsuru Gakuen. Throughout the years since, for almost half a century, we have conducted educational programs according to the philosophy of our founder. At present, Tsuru Gakuen operates a total of six schools, ranging from an elementary school to a four-year university. Each one of our schools strives to cultivate young people with a healthy spirit and the wisdom to lead our society into the next generation.